Artemis Projects


Based on the novel We all Love the Beautiful Girls by Joanne Proulx

Created by Susin Nielsen

A recurring dramatic TV Series

8 x 60 min

WE ALL LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS is a darkly comedic drama set in an affluent suburban community. Personal betrayal leads to brutal conflict, causing relationships between husbands and wives, parents and teenagers, friends and neighbours to unravel.

One frigid winter night, the lives of three affluent families, begin to unravel when MIA and MICHAEL SLATE discover that their close friend, PETER CONRAD, who is also Michael’s business partner, has cheated Michael out of his share of the business. That same night, the Slate’s teenaged son, FINN, passes out in the snow during a party at the KELLYS’ house, where he is left by his jealous friend to nearly freeze to death. The two events on this single night send shockwaves through the suburban community, leading to acts of infidelity, betrayal, and violence, but with surprising sparks of humour and moments of kindness.  

We All Love the Beautiful Girls was published in the fall of 2017 by Viking Penguin Canada, and will be published in the USA in 2018 by Grand Central Publishing.


Based on the novel Nostalgia by M.G. Vassanji

Created by R. B. Carney

A recurring sci-fi TV series

8 x 60 min

NOSTALGIA is a psychological sci-fi thriller set in the near future. DR. CATHERINE ELLIOTT, a neurophysiologist working for the government, discovers her entire life is a false memory, forcing her to embark on a long and dangerous journey to discover who she really is.

In the near future, the privileged of the NORTHERN ALLIANCE enjoy the benefits of wealth, power and dominance, while the people in the rest of the world endure environmental disaster, rampant disease and grinding poverty. In the long running, asymmetric war between the Northern Alliance and the bordering rebellious territory of MASKINIA, Dr. Catherine Elliott is firmly on the side of the Northern Alliance. She works for the Department of Internal Security (DIS), using secret government technology to alter the memories of dissidents and terrorists from outside the Alliance and convert them into productive members of society. Occasionally the technology fails and real memories begin to leak out, pushing aside the implanted ones. The phenomenon is called Nostalgia and, if left untreated, can lead to the reemergence of the dissident personality. While treating her patient PRESLEY SMITH for Nostalgia, Catherine realizes that some of Presley’s leaked memory fragments are eerily resonant with her. Although she struggles against the horrifying reality, Catherine eventually realizes that she is experiencing Nostalgia and that her own memory has been altered. This drives her into a long and dangerous journey to discover who she really is, who her enemies are and which side she should be fighting for.


An original, recurring dramatic TV series

8 x 60 min

After her career is sabotaged, a notorious, self-destructive reporter goes vigilante to expose corruption and violence among the wealthy of Fort Lauderdale, uncovering a conspiracy that ultimately leads back to her own powerful family.

Born into a family of South Florida aristocrats, ROXANNE (ROXY) GUNDERSON is a celebrated, self-destructive journalist who revels in taking down the high and mighty in politics and business – especially those connected to her powerful father, WILLIAM GUNDERSON SR.

Relegated to writing celebrity puff pieces for her dying newspaper, Roxy stumbles on a provocative and potentially explosive lead. As she pursues the story, her enemies pounce and she is fired from the paper. She withdraws into a suicidal depression until she is rescued by TOMMY FERRIS, an ambitious, media savvy millennial. Roxy and Tommy build a controversial online platform, delivering news and commentary with vigilante fervour. Finding out who sabotaged her career and WHY leads Roxy to expose crime and corruption on every level. She makes it her mission to find the TRUTH and against all odds to bring the bastards to justice. Aided and abetted by her entourage of eccentric friends and contacts, Roxy leads us through the landscape she loves. Fort Lauderdale. Sun drenched, soft ocean air, impossibly beautiful pink and turquoise sunsets, where it’s always Happy Hour somewhere.



Created by Janet Maclean

A historical, dramatic TV mini- series

Canada/UK/Italy Co-Production

6 x 60 min

A brilliant castrato, robbed of his manhood, uses murder, blackmail and seduction to become the 18th century’s most notorious opera superstar.

THE KNIFE tells the story of 18th-century castrato superstar GIOVANNI VOLTA and his tortuous journey to the peak of the opera world.  As the story begins, Gio is on the brink of a career triumph – the lead role in Orlando at Covent Garden for the master himself, SIGNORE HANDEL.  The opera reunites him with the woman he loves best in the world and with the man he lusts for most. It also exposes Gio to an assassin sent by his own father, an undersecretary in the Roman Curia.